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Работа, резюме и вакансии / Резюме / Высшее образование
45 лет (родился 23 декабря 1972), мужчина, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Астана, не готов к переезду
Гражданство: Казахстан
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English Language Training manager

45 000 , полная занятость

Опыт работы 15 лет и 5 месяцев

    • май 2012 – по настоящее время
    • 6 лет и 3 месяца

    Language Advisor

    Right Solution LLP, Астана


    • Implementation and development of the language school. Overall control of the center work in terms of language field and creation of solid professional company base; • Company position consolidation as being linguistic center and its advancement to the other cities of Kazakhstan (Aktau, Atyrau); • Creation of the company web site, its designing and promotion of advertising campaigns; • Goal and strategy elaboration of the company; • Contract placement with international companies as ETS Global and Net Languages; • Online trainings arrangement and personal web accounts creation. Achievements: - Considerable consolidation of the center language position on the market in Astana city; - Administrator status prolongation of International Examination TOEIC; - Hi -Tech standard classroom foundation (interactive, video visual, teaching by using Internet resources).
    • октябрь 2011 – февраль 2012
    • 5 месяцев

    Academic Manager and Instructor offshore, Kashagan

    Educational and Training International Group (ETI), London , Актау


    • Effectiveness control of the instructors staff work; • Expansion of using material variety and programs foundation of the training courses;; • Coordination and monitoring of the work and at the oilfield training planning; • Managing the instructors and trainees schedule work (more than 40 trainees). Achievements: - AGIP KCO Passport obtaining; - Shifting from one methodological training direction to material for Oil and Gas Industry; - Solid knowledge creation for using the language at oilfield starting from zero English level.
    • октябрь 2010 – октябрь 2011
    • 1 год и 1 месяц

    General Director

    Language Solutions Kazakhstan, Атырау


    * Overall control of the center work and formation of a strong professional teaching staff foundation of the company; * Decrease in company expenses through accurate planning and expenses priority rearrangement; * Income increase - new companies as client attraction and expansion of the clients' base; * Consolidation of the center ground and its promotion to other cities of Western Kazakhstan; * Company web site creation as well as designing and promotion of advertising campaigns; * Strategy and target elaboration of the company. Achievements: * Considerable consolidation of the company market position and its financial stability by the means of teaching quality and effectiveness as well as pricing policy flexibility; * Decrease of the company expenses per 15%; * Number of employees' growth and rise of the company employees' income; * Obtained an administrator's status of international examination (TOEIC).
    • сентябрь 2007 – октябрь 2010
    • 3 года и 2 месяца

    Academic Manager and Senior English Language Teacher

    Language Solutions Kazakhstan, Атырау


    * Teaching staff working control of their effectiveness; * Implementation of particular narrow subjects as well as material variety customization; * Creation of electronic materials base and teaching courses programs; * Coordination and monitoring of the company administrator's duties; * Enhancement of equipment availability and improvement of the staff labour conditions; * Managing of teachers' staff schedule and establishing of intranet. Achievements: * Contract renewing with companies clients and signing new contracts with three prestigious companies of Atyrau city; * All teaching staff testing (TOEIC), this is international examination of English level determination as a professional development; * Transition from one methodological sector of teaching to four; * Creation of the company advertising campaign.
    • сентябрь 2004 – август 2007
    • 3 года

    English Language Instructor

    State Pedagogical Institute, Семей


    Teaching English language (teaching methods, lexicology, grammar, business English); Keeping speech on scientific conferences and the faculty group coaching. Achievements: - Organizing and holding Summer Camps with native speakers for the institute’s students; - Organizing of students’ events of the faculty and following publication in a newspaper.
    • январь 2003 – август 2004
    • 1 год и 8 месяцев

    English Language Instructor for translators/interpreters

    State University after Shakarim, Семей


    Teaching English language (translating/interpreting, teaching methods, lexicology, grammar, English language history, business English); Compilation of teaching programs. Educational work; Contacting with Public Relations Department of the USA and the UK embassies; Organizing of students’ event meetings with native speakers. Achievements: - Organizing and holding Summer Camps with native speaker for the institute’s students; - Organizing two conferences with native speaking teachers participating and the USA embassy support (Public Relations Department); - An article publication about methods of English language teaching in the scientific journal “Vestnik”.


    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 2002

    University «Kainar» Almaty city

    Факультет: Foreign Philology with Special Subject Interpreter / Translator
    Специальность: English language teacher

Сертификаты, курсы

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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

- Teaching experience more than 20 years, including 3 years of management work; - A teacher of the first category (Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan); - CIBET (Certificate of International Business English Teaching); - AGIP KCO Passport (BOSIET); - Certificate ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System); - Capable to teach Russian language English-speaking people; - Experience of a successful management up to 12 people; - Methods of teaching knowledge and interpersonal communication, any group size; - Ability to work in a team and individually and psychology knowledge and discernment of character; - Practical experience with planning and strategy of a company development; - Skills in handling of effective explanation and work to efficiency. Computing Skills: Proficiency level

Дополнительные сведения:

Office management functions with simultaneous English language teaching of the company’s employees without any training center involvement

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык, Cвободное владение

Водительские права

  • B — легковые авто

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